More Facts About The “PRO” Act


The misleadingly-named “PRO Act” is a dangerous piece of legislation that, if enacted, will not only take away workers freedom but may, in fact, actually cause American jobs to be lost.

If enacted, the so-called “PRO Act” will…

  • strip away workers’ free choice in union elections as well as their privacy rights;
  • Use a government arbitrator to force employers and their employees into union contracts
  • codify into law the NLRB’s controversial Browning-Ferris Industries joint-employer standard that has threatened our country’s small and local businesses;
  • curb opportunities for people to work independently through gig economy platforms or more traditional independent contractor roles;
  • eliminate Right-to-Work protections for workers across the country, including in the twenty-seven states that have passed Right-to-Work laws;
  • interfere with attorney-client confidentiality and make it harder for businesses, particularly small businesses, to secure legal advice on complex labor law matters;
  • prohibit arbitration agreements in employment contracts;
  • infringe on the due process rights of employers; and
  • strip away “secondary boycott” protections that prevent unions from using their anti-trust exemptions and immunity from certain state laws to target businesses for anti-competitive purposes other than organizing.

Source: Coalition for a Democratic Workplace

A Summary of the PRO Act on Scribd



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