The so-called "PRO Act" is a bill written by and for unions in order to rebuild union membership.

While the "PRO Act" sounds harmless, it is not.

The misleadingly-named "PRO Act" has little to do with protecting employee rights and more to do with protecting unions.

Here's why:

  • The "PRO Act" codfies "ambush elections"
  • The "PRO Act" requires government-mandated first contracts stripping employers and employees of the right to self-determination;
  • The "PRO Act" eliminates Right-to-Work states, for all 50 states, forcing unionized workers to pay inion fees or be fired.
  • The "PRO Act" federalizes California's disastrous and job-killing "ABC" test for freelancers and independent contractors.

These are just a few of the highlights, there is much more…